ND Frame Productions of Innovations” brings four unique and highly useful product concepts covering all the major sector of global economy. Our soft copy's can cater to Brand makers spread across any vertical on the globe with business solutions and innovative ideas that catalyzes their business, production, and ultimate success. The products namely, “Inventor Concept’s Dictionary”, “GDP Developer Concept’s Guide”, “Meditech Concept’s Express Pro”, and “Aryabhatta” multy language movie have potential to revolutionize their respected domains with amazing solutions.

I. Inventor

Inventor is nothing but “Concept’s Dictionary for Brand Makers” in the field of engineering and manufacturing. The current version of soft copy offers 24 products which are actually unique concepts highly useful for engineering colleges, engineering college management systems, manufacturing units, and other engineering R&D departments. This ready to use product offers simplified solutions and to be followed in order to gain magnified results.

II. GDP Developer

GDP Developer Concept Guide” concentrates on infrastructure development planning and projects which is vital for any economy. Our soft copy, developed after intense analysis and research, can provide roadmap to construction and development companies in public and private sector all over the world for flawless business execution and maximum profits. It’s a thoroughly devised product which considers every little component of the concerned sector to come out with high-end solutions.

III. Meditech

Meditech or “Meditech Concept’s Express Pro” focuses on medical and health care domain. The soft copy with some of the amazing concept products like Cryo heart theory, Carbon ribs theory, and Fourth heart theory is on its way to innovate and bring much more useful theories like this. It can provide great assistance to medical research centers, medical colleges, and health care organizations of any size in domestic and international landscape.

IV. Film making

ND Frame's” is the name of ND Frame’s film making services. The company marks its entry in this industry with making of “Aryabhatta” which is a multi-language movie. In the presents of S-Films, and it brings one-stop solution for entire film making business right from script to conceptualization, production, direction, characterization, and other elements. This concept is to make the film making process more efficient, fast and hassle free.